Essay on Values
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Essay on Values

Values & Ethics, Meaning & Importance For Students

Essay on Values are the foundation stone of a strong, vibrant and progressing society. The values of freedom, peace, hard work, dedication & diligence are what the ways to the ultimate progress of a society. The following essays describe the meaning, purpose and importance of values in life. Furthermore, the minute difference between values and ethics, how they are imbibed and shape our life. In all the way, the following short & Long essays on topic Ethics are going to be very helpful for children & students of Ukg, Primary, High School & College life students.

Essay on Values | Importance of Values in Life

The values we hold dear provide us with direction and purpose in life. Values provide us with the sense of right and wrong, without which decision-making is extremely difficult. We can say that values make a man human. In the absence of values, a man would be no more than an animal wandering around clueless about which way to go and how to handle his life.

Values Build Strong Character: 

 We learn our values mostly from our parents and teachers during our childhood years. Our education emphasizes the importance of good character traits like self-control, discipline, integrity, compassion, hard work, team work, forgiveness, empathy, loyalty, perseverance, integrity, optimism, dependability, efficiency, patriotism, love, and responsibility.

Imbibing these values will also guide us in the right direction. They will help us build a strong character. By applying our values, we become sensitive towards the needs of others in the society as well as making the right decision for ourselves. We acquire wisdom as well as strength of character as a result of them.

Values Build Healthy Environment:  

Humans are social animals. They cannot live alone. An individual’s proper growth and development depends on a healthy environment and someone with good values contributes to creating a healthy environment. A place where people behave responsibly, act in unity, walk in the right direction, and accomplish their tasks with diligence makes people happier and more likely to achieve great things. Only individuals imbibing good values can behave in such a manner.

A good set of values is therefore vital for humanity, as a person cannot grow or live peacefully without good values. Values contribute to a healthy social environment. They make us human and make the society worth living. Imbibing good values is thus important for every individual.


Values help us understand what is right and what is wrong for us as well as for those around us. This helps us make various decisions in life. Values are thus of utmost importance. Our personality and character is built based on the kind of values we have.

A person usually picks up values from his family members, teachers and other people he is surrounded by during his childhood. It is important for the parents and teachers to give good values to the children in order to make them human and sensitive to those around them.

Essay on Values & Ethics | Values in Indian Culture

Most people confuse ethics with values. The two are different, however. Ethics are the way we behave, while values are ingrained in us from childhood and help shape our character and attitudes. A moral value that is put into practice is what ethics refers to. While the values we hold define our behavior, ethics codes may be defined externally. A code of conduct defines the ethical rules and requirements that apply to staff members within an organization so that a healthy working environment can be maintained. To maintain the decorum of a school, college, or other institution, its ethical codes must also be followed.

Values are Inculcated via Socialization

For a person to succeed in a society, they need to imbibe good values. We must inculcate values such as honesty, discipline, a positive attitude, dedication to work, helping others, understanding their pain, forgiveness, determination, respect, love, commitment, acting responsibly, and taking responsibility for ones actions. For an individual to grow positively, these values are essential.

Even the brightest and most educated person lacks respect if he lacks good values. A person with good moral values and a friendly disposition is more desirable to others. In today’s competitive world, a person with such qualities is very rare. We need to realize that one of the most fundamental qualities a leader should possess is good values.

Ethics Must be Applied

The only person who can behave ethically is one who has high values. Behavior shows the type of values a person holds. There are a number of organizations, institutes, and places that set an ethical code of conduct. If people do not adhere to the ethical code at these places, strict action may be taken against them.

It is not that hard to behave in an ethical manner. Talking politely with others, being calm during difficult times, respecting fellow students/coworkers, and acting responsibly are examples of being a good citizen. It is vital to follow these values in order to maintain a healthy environment.

What Role Parents & Teachers can Play

Parental and teacher guidance are vital to children’s development. The responsibility for educating children and sensitizing them about the importance of ethics lies with them. The importance of values and ethics should be taught by schools separately so that children learn about them from the very beginning. As well as teaching students values, colleges must train them in imbibing them.

Conclusion:  Those with good values readily adhere to ethical codes of conduct imposed by external entities. In addition to his behavior and attitude towards others, he manages to win many hearts. In contrast, a person without values is prone to breaking the ethical code of conduct from time to time and getting into trouble. To do well personally and professionally, one must imbibe good values and act ethically.

Short Essay on Values in Life 

For a person, values are paramount. Since they determine his/her overall course of action, nature, and attitude towards living and other people, these factors play a major part in determining his/her character. A large part of our decisions in life is based on our values.

We make decisions in life that affect not only ourselves but also our families, organizations, societies and nation. With good values, people are likely to consider the good of others when making decisions. People who lack values will fail at it and may end up creating problems for themselves as well as those around them.

Importance of Values

Integrity, compassion, unity, self-control, respect, love, and concern are just a few of the values. Each of these values contributes to the development of a strong character. Being humble and dependable are qualities derived from good values. Good values matter in any context, whether it be work or personal relationships. The values of a person are reflected in their personalities.

Positive vibes, joy, and love radiate from persons with good values. He pays attention to the needs of others. An individual who does well in his own life is often seen uplifting and helping others through whatever means possible. Persons of such character believe in themselves and understand the importance of teamwork. It doesn’t come easily to him to lose his temper. A person like him is a great asset to any organization. We must appreciate the efforts that go into raising such individuals.


The importance of values cannot be overstated. A nation with a high proportion of people with good values will certainly progress and develop more rapidly than one where people lack values. By fostering our character, values nurture us at the individual level, allowing us to create a better world around us.

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