Essay On Train Journey | A memorable Journey by Train Essay
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Essay On Train Journey | A memorable Journey by Train Essay

The train journey is always memorable when done for the first time! Read following well written essay on topic Essay on train journey that describes the feelings, memories of wonderful train journey in simple easy to understand words. The essay is quite helpful for children and students.

Essay on Train Journey | My Memorable Train Journey Essay For Students

We were in September and the autumn break was just about to begin. Our first term exams were just over, and we were free from the stress of studying for a few days. During the autumn, our school plans excursion trips to various places. I have always wanted to go on a trip like this and have fun with my friends.

My First Train Journey with Friends

My parents had always been skeptical of sending me on out stations trips even though they allowed me to go on school excursions in the local area. They considered me too young and careless, so they feared sending me. Every year I would try to convince my friends about these school trips but they would refuse.

When I was in class VII, my mother promised me she would send me when I reach class IX because I would be more mature by then. So, last year I reminded her of her promise. Though reluctant, she agreed to send me on my school trip to Jaipur.

She also convinced my father and he gave the written consent along with the deposit for the trip. My joy knew no bounds. I had the consent of my parents, as well as a few of my closest friends, and we were so excited to take this trip. Not only was I excited about visiting Jaipur, I was also excited about the train journey.

My Train Journey Experience

I got the window seat. It was a long day journey of around 5 hours and there was a lot to see out the window. I was fascinated by the sight of green fields, small sand hills and long roads for most of the trip. We played charades and antakshari for the remainder of the trip, which was a lot of fun.

It would have been nice if the journey never ended. Despite that, we arrived at the Jaipur station before we even realized it. I wandered from fort to fort in the Pink city, dreaming of the train journey back to my hometown. The train journey back home was as much fun.

Conclusion:  Train journeys have always fascinated me. It was even more special this time because I went with friends. I anticipate more train journeys like this one.

Essay on Train Journey for class 1 & 2 Students

When traveling with friends, train journeys are the best. The train trip from Delhi to Jaipur is one of my most memorable train trips. We had all been looking forward to this school trip for a long time. Our trip was full of plans, and we were hoping to have a great time while on it.

The train started within a few minutes after we arrived at the railway station at 6 in the morning. For a better view of the outside, I occupied the window seat. As we walked, we enjoyed the green fields, mud roads, and huts that we saw along the way. While looking outside, I chatted with my best friend.

It was time for breakfast soon. On the train, we had cutlets and bread. Our meal also included hot tomato soup and a plate of bread and cutlets. As soon as we finished breakfast, we all gathered to play antakshari. I enjoy playing antakshari with large groups. It was also fun to have our teachers join us. Our play continued until we reached our destination before we had even realized it had been so long. I had a great time. It was a joyous train ride with my friends by my side.

Train Journey Essay for  3rd,4th,5th Class Students

The train journey between Kalka and Shimla, which runs along this route, is even more interesting than the hill station of Shimla itself. It is mesmerizing to watch the route it takes. If one does not travel on this train on their trip to Shimla, their trip will not be complete. While planning our trip to Shimla, we bought tickets in advance to take part in this much-discussed train journey.

Journey to Shimla by Toy Train

While we were on break last year, we visited Shimla. After traveling by bus to Kalka, we took the toy train from there to Shimla. It appeared like an ordinary train journey with mountains and valleys along the way, but it was actually a very thrilling and thrilling experience. Our journey was filled with nature. As the train went through the mountains, we felt like we were a part of nature and were able to see mountains, valleys, and greenery.

It was a five- to six-hour journey that I thoroughly enjoyed. As the route went through tunnels and over bridges, there was an added experience. On the route, there were more than 100 tunnels and approximately 800 bridges. For the entire journey, I sat by the window.  Additionally, we hopped off the train when it stopped at a station along the way. The train stopped at the small station only for ten minutes.

As well as my parents, I was accompanied by my brother. The trip was as enjoyable for them as it was for me. On the way back, we took the same train.


In fact, this was the best train ride I have ever taken. Nature is my favorite place to be. Because of this, I enjoyed it even more. This is a route that I would like to take again.

Essay on Train Journey for class 6,7,8th Class Students

When I was in my second grade, I took my first train ride. My maternal aunt was getting married in Dehradun, so we had to travel there to attend. Everyone was filled with joy and excitement when the news broke. Mother started picking out the dresses for the wedding, and my father began to plan our trip. We have decided to travel by train with a few of our relatives. It was my first time riding a train, so I was very excited about the experience.

Planning the Train Journey

It is different to travel by train than by car. In order to travel smoothly, one must plan in advance. After studying all of the trains operating on that route, my parents chose the most convenient and suitable method. It took days to book the tickets. We had packed our bags and made all the necessary arrangements for the trip. The journey took place at night. Within minutes, the train started and we reached the station on time.

Fun on the Way

In preparation for our long journey, we welcomed our relatives. Our first meeting with many of them had been months ago. We talked about a lot of things. The two of us talked about fun things to do along the way as we sat in the car. Some of the games they brought were tabletop games. Our group started playing a fun board game.

When my mother called us for dinner a few rounds into the game, we had just finished the game. On the train, we were served a delicious dinner. In the evening, I sat at the window after having dinner. The quiet of the running train fascinated me as it was night and I couldn’t see much outside. For me, it was a unique experience.

During dinner, we played Antakshari. This was a fun game we played with all our relatives. After playing antakshari for an hour, we went to bed.

All of the middle berths were soon open and people fell asleep. When I woke up the following morning, the view outside was delightful. As I drove along, I noticed the green fields, rising sun, and hills that were at a distance, along with huts along the way. I liked this most about my train trip.


All in all, I found my first train trip to be very exciting and interesting. I enjoyed every minute of it. All the more fun was having my cousins along.

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