What is a Course Hero?
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What is a Course Hero?

Course Hero Downloader is an online learning platform designed to help students and educators enhance their educational experience. Founded in 2006 by Andrew Grauer at Cornell University, Course Hero has become one of the leading online educational resources, with over 100 million course-specific study resources contributed by students, educators, and experts.

The platform serves as a hub of materials focused on academic subjects, including study guides, practice problems, flashcards, textbooks, and more. Students can access these materials to supplement their learning, gain a deeper understanding of course concepts, and prepare for upcoming tests. Educators also use Course Hero to share supplementary teaching materials with students.

One of the key features of Course Hero is its extensive library of over 40 million student-created study documents, covering over 20,000 university and high school courses. These documents, contributed and accessible through paid subscription plans, include study guides, practice exams, notes, infographics, and more. Such crowdsourced materials provide unique insights directly from students who previously took the same courses.

Course Hero takes measures to ensure uploaded documents comply with its honor code and guidelines. Users cannot upload direct copies of quiz questions/answers, official textbook content, or materials behind a paywall. The site relies on proprietary algorithms and community flagging to monitor for copyright violations.

In addition to its library of study resources, Course Hero offers features like tutoring services, live online Q&A with subject matter experts, and flashcards for exam preparation. Users can also earn points by uploading their own materials, which can then be redeemed in the Course Hero marketplace for document unlocks.

The platform has implemented gamification elements and social features to engage its community. Students can level up, earn achievement badges, maintain progress stats, and interact via social media-style news feeds. Such features foster consistent use and participation.

Course is accessible via its website as well as iOS and Android mobile apps. Membership plans are available to suit individuals or groups. There are also options for educators to assign Course as a supplementary teaching aid. The site currently reaches over 60 million monthly unique visitors.

While generally used for good, Course has faced controversies regarding students uploading homework verbatim to bypass academic integrity policies. Additionally, some argue it enables an overly consumerist approach to education. However, the platform maintains high value as a learning tool when used appropriately and ethically.

In 2020, Course Hero raised $80 million in Series B funding. Increasing its total capital raised to $138 million with a valuation of $1.1 billion. The substantial interest from investors indicates confidence in its potential as a leading EdTech company.

Overall, Course Hero has proven its merit as a transformative online learning platform. Benefitting both students looking to excel and educators aiming to enrich their teaching. By leveraging crowdsourcing and modern technology. Course Hero provides quality educational support at scale – a goal that lies at the heart of its mission.

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